About Watercycles
Energy Recovery

Established in 2005, Watercycles Energy Recovery Inc has been manufacturing drain water heat recovery units, reducing energy consumption throughout the world. Located in the prairies of Saskatchewan, we manufacture our heat exchangers exclusively with Canadian made copper.

We offer efficient Drain Water Heat Recovery products at the lowest possible cost, passing the savings to our customers.  Our heat exchangers are energy efficient and safety certified meeting the requirements for building codes in Canada and California. 

In 2007, we were the proud recipient of the ABEX New Venture award, acknowledging our outstanding performance as the Best New Business in Saskatchewan.

We were also finalists for the following awards:

  • 2006 SABEX Best New Business Venture
  • 2006 SABEX Best New Product
  • 2008 ABEX Best New Product
  • 2018 Paragon Export
  • 2019 ABEX Export
  • 2020 Paragon Export

*ABEX – Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce business awards / SABEX – Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce business awards / Paragon – Regina Chamber of Commerce business awards

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Our Core

  • Protect our customers and their business
  • Practice the little disciplines
  • Trust the process
  • Business acumen
  • Stewardship principles
  • Lifelong learning

Code of Ethics & Principles

Code Of Ethics

Our ethics shall be seen by our actions.


Leadership – Activities are guided by objective standards rather than subjective standards.  Objective standards are independent of the situation and are fixed to a pre-determined point of reference.  Subjective standards are relative to the situation of the activity; everybody is doing it.  “Everybody is doing it” will be the first cause to examine our action and act according to our standard and not our surroundings.  This is our leadership by example statement.  Leadership is a lonely trait.

Activities – Activities are examined in view of the environment.

Integrity – We are forthright and honest in our dealings with our customers.  It is our responsibility to call anything to the attention the customer may be overlooking in their purchasing decision.  We will always avoid vague or ambiguous statements that may be remotely misleading.

Teamwork – More can be accomplished for each individual person together than can be accomplished by each person alone.

Privacy – Our business is the home of another.  Utmost care to respect and ensure the privacy of our clients must be taken in light of our ethical statements.

Competition – We treat our competition respectfully and fairly.  We recognize that their goal is like ours: to maintain the environment with a viable business.  We will aim to develop a congenial relationship as partners on the same earth.  Good competition will hone our effort to give the best to the client and the planet.

Housing Standards – We will always comply with all applicable plumbing and housing codes and lobby for ones that should exist and against those that are detrimental to the environment, keeping the home and the planet in mind.  

Watercycles™ Energy Recovery Inc. will conduct all business by the law of the country in which we are doing business but more importantly by our own ethical standard.  We go beyond polite behaviour and act with right behaviour.